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PressDec 11, 2017

2017-12-11 YOU&YOUR WEDDING|This Skin Treatment is the Antidote to Festive Partying

This Skin Treatment is the Antidote to Festive Partying

Repair sun damage and loss of skin elasticity in one sweep with this AQ facial

If you’ve been partying hard this festive season and feel like you need to take charge of your skin and get back into a regular regime in time for your wedding in 2018, it might be time to try a more scientific approach to skin care.  

In order to combat skin-destroyers like the sun’s UV light, chemicals, and pollution, I took one for the team and tried a new treatment which is supposed to help to improve my skin’s problems, which included the usual suspects; wrinkles, roughness, pigmentation and loss of elasticity.

The treatment is by AQ and its all about delivering the brand’s Recovery Serum into my skin to stimulate it naturally to rejuvenate itself, and soften out any problems. 

The products to take home after the treatment

In order to maximise the delivery of the product, I went for a AQ DermaStamp treatment. This uses a tool that has hundreds of tiny needles to deliver peptides of proteins nto the skin. Sounds dramatic, but not as painful as you may think! 

So off I trotted to EF Medispa the day before my appointment for a consultation and examination under ultraviolet light just to check I was suitable for this treatment. 

Once I was given the go ahead, the treatment begins with a thorough skin cleansing and toning; the process starts gently at first with the therapist lightly stamping my forehead with a small prickly stamp to puncture my skin’s layers. It isn’t uncomfortable, just a bit irritating, however, the therapist was lovely and informative. 

Post forehead, she worked on my cheeks, chin and neck followed finally by the side of your nose normally this treatment requires three visits but I was only having one super treatment, so had extra long needling in one appointment. 

When the process had finished, I lay with a cold cloth on my face for five minutes to reduce redness, then more serum was applied.  

I was given strict instructions to follow; I had to apply the serum day and night for two weeks and also to make sure direct sun was avoided, so don’t indulge in this treatment before going on honeymoon!   

On leaving the spa my skin was slightly redder than usual but nothing to be worried about, I looked slightly flushed and the next day the redness had gone, and after two week my skin did feel smoother, and with a few less visible fine lines.